Prom-elicious Girls
Tiana Halbuna

Name: Tiana Halbuna

School:  Kamehameha  HS

Class: Senior Prom


I would be honored to wear an amazing dress from Princess Brides. Iʻve had my eye on this certain dress for a while now and actually owning this dress would be a dream come true.


I felt like a Princess!


Lesha Chamness

Name: Lesha Chamness

School:  Waianae HS

Class: Senior Prom


I was a model for the Waianae high's prom fashion show on this past Valentines Day. I absolutely fell in love with the dress I was given to wear. I think you all have a wonderful selection of beautiful dresses. I would be so honored to win "Prom--elicious Queen" I'm uploading a photo of me in the dress that I modeled in. Thank you for your time and consideration


I felt like a Princess!


Koh Melia

Name: Shelby Schaab

School:  Kaiser HS

Class: Junior Prom


Dear Ms. Irene this is Shelby I was one of your models along with Taylor and Erika for the bridal expo a few months ago. I loved the dress I had worn from your company and received many compliments for it. The dress was unique and beautiful. Thank you so much for the job at the expo and I look forward to the one coming up at the end of this month :) I also have read your story about your husband, Roy. It was amazing and really moving. The gift of life is so precious and what you two have been through shows great strength and deep love for each other. I can honestly say I have learned and gained from your story and Princess Brides. Thank you for everything.


I felt like a Princess!


Koh Melia

Name: Koh Melia

School:  Moanalua HS

Class: Senior Prom



 I believe that every woman should be a queen at least once in her life, and now it is my time to wear the crown. I would represent Princess Brides with pride and dignity and not let down the company.

I felt like a Princess!


Anuhea Pohina

Name: Anuhea Pohina

School:  Myron B. Thompson Academy

Class: Senior Prom



 While attending an online homeschool a prom is the last thing I would have thought would happen. Thanks to you, Princess Brides, "Once Upon A Prom" I truly felt like a princess. Thank you so much for all the help you gave me, I really did appreciate it! You all helped me make my night unforgettable!

I felt like a Princess!


Kama Ah New

Name: Kama Ah New

School:  Lutheran High School of Hawaii

Class: Senior Prom



 It would be a honor to become Prom-elicious Queen of 2011.

I felt like a Princess!



Seneka Lhee Viernes

Name: Seneka Lhee Viernes

School:  Waipahu High School

Class: Senior Prom



 This year was my last prom and I'm so happy that I got to wear my dream dress. I saw this dress on this website and I knew I just had to have it. The compliments at Prom were flattering, but I already felt like a princess when I first tried on the dress. Thank you so much to Joy at Princess Bride for providing such great service. I probably would not have gotten this dress without your persuasion!!

I felt like a Princess!


Kirsten Ledford

Name: Kirsten Ledford

School:  St. Louis HS

Class: Junior Prom



 Your dresses are so amazing!

I felt like a Princess!



Katelyn Sarme

Name: Katelyn Sarme

School:  Lanai High and Elementary School

Class: Senior Prom



 I should win because i don't have money to buy a prom dress.

I felt like a Princess!




Kelsie Maslanka  

Name: Kelsie Maslanka

School:  Kalani HS

Class: Senior Prom



I had a lot of fun at prom, and I felt like a princess even though I did my own hair and makeup. My dress was simple yet beautiful, and the color really stood out. Thank you Princess Brides for everything.

I felt like a Princess!


Patricia Afoa-Wong  

Name: Patricia Afoa-Wong

School: Farrington HS

Class: Senior Prom



I loved shopping at Princess Bride and return shopping for more dresses...Prom was the bomb and I had so much fun, like a Queen with her subjects, my firends and I rocked the night away!!!

I rocked the night away!


Melody Calio  

Name: Melody Calio

School: Kapolei HS

Class: Senior Prom


I was so amazed by how many people came up to me to tell me how good i looked and how much they loved my dress. I knew i really stood out at my prom because of my dress!

I was Amazed!


Elise Ono  

Name: Elise Ono

School: Moanalua High

Class: Junior Prom Queen


Thanks Aunty Smile

For me, Junior Prom was one of those "once in a lifetime" moments that I wish I could re-live over and over again. Walking through the doors and having all eyes on me was one of the most empowering feelings I have ever experienced. Watching the sparkle of my glimmering gown (from Princess Brides of course!) made me feel like a real Queen, and all of the compliments I received gave me a confidence that I never had before. Being introduced as the "Prom Queen" was so empowering, I never could have imagined such a great feeling. The prom court dance felt so magical, it was truly the greatest memory I have of high school. I am very proud to represent Moanalua High School as the Class of 2011 Junior Prom Queen! Thank you for my dream dress Princess Brides Smile

It was Empowering!


Patricia Afoa-Wong  

Name: Patricia Afoa-Wong

School: Farrington High School

Class: Junior


Aloha Irene,
First of all thank you for selecting my picture to be put onto your promelicious website I feel honored.
The Farrington High Junior Prom was the bomb!! I had so much fun that night dancing. The dress fit me like a glove, it’s like it was made just for me..weird. The highlight of my night was walking into the ballroom and feeling real, cause it was like all eyes were on me. A lot of girls were asking where I got my gown from. That night in that gown I felt like a Princess!

Mahalo again for all of your help in making my night a true success!!

It was the Bomb!


Channy Kanetoku  

Name: Channy Kanetoku

School: Mid Pacific Institute

Class: Junior Prom


I would hope to win this prom contest because i love the dresses at princess brides and have always admired them but have a difficult time obtaining it financially because i come from a single parent family. during this recession it is even harder to purchase such fine items.

Winning would be nice!


Taryn Nago  

Name: Taryn Nago

School: Waiakea High School

Class: Senior Prom

Senior Prom is one of two days in a girl's life when she can feel like a princess. The other would be her wedding day. Being the youngest of two girls, I have as an underclassman, used my sister's dresses. For once, especially for my senior prom, I would love to have a dress that would be for me and only me. To be able to be a "princess" with a dress from Princess Brides.

To Be Able to be a Princess!


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